Three Words: Return. On. Investment.

Return on Investment (ROI) means how much money you earn for everything you spend on marketing. Direct Mail has one of the highest ROIs in the game.




The Most Personal Marketing Tool

While online marketing can be blocked by ad filters and it can be hard to know much about who you're marketing to, Direct Mail has incredibly accurate lists based on demographics and whatever matters to you, and it has a much higher rate of making it through to your ideal customer/donor.

You can also make the mailer your own, with your own personal design and feel. It can have a much greater impact than just one more email.


5 Reasons to Use Direct Mail

1. People Prefer It

A recent study showed that 54% of consumers preferred to receive marketing materials in the mail. That's a higher number than any other form of marketing received.

2. Higher success rate

Direct Mail reports a response rate of roughly 37 times that of email marketing. Open rates of mailers are about 4x higher and that means your message hits huge audience.

3. Millennials, Women, and Hispanics love it

While Direct Mail has an incredible return with most people, it often especially resonates with these groups. The data shows that both millennials and women make buying decisions from direct mail. And while Hispanics tend to receive less mail than other nationalities, they are much more likely to act on it.

4. Cuts through the clutter

How many emails do you get in a day? Most consumers delete large amounts of emails a day without reading them. It's much easier to stand out in a mailbox than with just a headline in a bloated inbox or spam folder. Email is perfect for reaching current customers, but reaching new prospects with Direct Mail is next level.

5. Tracking ability

It's very easy to track the success of your direct mail campaigns. Instead of downloading and using complicated software systems, you simply need to count the times that someone used your offer/visited your business with a coupon/called in/visited a website. This way you can much more easily track ROI.




The possibilities with direct mail are essentially endless. From postcards to catalogs to envelopes with letters to brochures, anything you can dream, we can do.






Mail: Unlimited Options


These are just a few examples of what we've done in the past. What you do is just up to your imagination! 



Is Direct Mail right for you?


While Direct Mail campaigns can often have a great return on investment, they have a higher launch price than most other campaigns. 


If you're looking to broaden your customer base, or get some results from your current ones, this is perfect. If you're looking to quickly reach a large group of current customers, perhaps email would be more effective for you!


Depending on your goal, Direct Mail can be the ideal marketing form! Shoot us an email to see if Direct Mail would be the best option for you!




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